Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reboot... Ah, That's Better

After one of my most grueling weeks of the year (over 1oo hours), I took a couple days to catch up on some rest. While sleep is good, it doesn't necessarily press the reset button for me. One thing that usually does the trick is a day on the river, flyfishing.

Every once in a while, I'm so wiped out that it's hard for me to even convince myself to go fishing. It's in those times that I can usually count on my wife to force me to go (crazy, I know). Today was one of those days. I was full of excuses why I might not go. Those included less than stellar fishing reports and snow in Maupin yesterday. Anyway, I finally went.

God served up beautiful weather (too warm for anything more than short sleeves) and lots of fish (four about the size of the one pictured below, and a handful of smaller ones.) This one was the first fish of the year - a beautiful Deschutes Redside. Photo quality is a little lacking as I forgot the camera... shot it with the cell phone.

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