Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tech Support

A friend of mine recently blogged about a communication snafu between he and his wife. It reminded me of one of my favorites…

I was in an online chat session with Dell support to address a malfunctioning computer. Here is the conversation:

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. My name is Jayati and rep id is 114928. How may I assist you today?"

Dean Christensen: "Several weeks ago we had a laptop repaired. When it came back, there was a letter saying it needed a new AC adapter, but that it was back-ordered. I've heard nothing and would like to know the progress of this support ticket."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "Please let me know if the system working on AC adapter?"

Dean Christensen: "No! The AC adapter was broken and needed replacing. That's what Dell told me. They said that they would be sending one, but it's been several weeks now with no response."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "You need not worry at all, as I will resolve the issue for you."

Dean Christensen: "Okay, thank you."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "However, please confirm me if the light on the AC adapter stays solid green."

Dean Christensen: "You don't seem to understand... let me try again. The computer and AC adapter were sent to Dell for repair. They replaced the Mother Board because the AC connection on the board was faulty. They sent the computer back to me (repaired) and instructed me that the AC adapter was also bad, but a new one had been ordered. It has now been several weeks, and we have not seen that new adapter. I'm wanting to know the status of that ordered part .

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "Thank you for elaborating."

Dean Christensen: "I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in the beginning."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "That is fine."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "I will send you the AC adapter."

Now, I like to think of myself as a guy who is quite capable of multi-tasking. My wife says I should never attempt it, but I still try all the time. On this particular occasion, my wife’s instant message window popped up and she started talking to me about the house or kids or something that I don’t really remember right now. I do remember shifting windows back and forth many times between her and Jayati, the Dell support guy. Suddenly, as I was wrapping up my conversation with my wife, the conversation with Jayati went sideways…

Dean Christensen: "Okay, I love you."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "You what?”

Dean Christensen: "I love you, I’ll see you tonight."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "I’m Sorry?”

Dean Christensen: "Oh! No, I’m sorry, I was talking to my wife."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "Your wife?"

Dean Christensen: "Yes, you see, my wife was talking to me in another window on IM and… you’ll send the AC adapter then?"

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "You need not worry, I will make sure it is sent to you."

Dean Christensen: "Thank you so much for your help."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "Have all your issues been resolved? Are you satisfied with the level of support provided to you in this interaction?"

Dean Christensen: "Yes, thank you"

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "It was a great experience chatting with you. You have been really cooperative."

Dean Christensen: "You too."

Agent (Jayati_01114928): "It was a pleasure assisting you ;-)"

Dean Christensen: "Thanks again… goodbye"

Now, I have no idea what agent Jayati, the Indian support guy for Dell thought of our little chat session – and his little “wink” at the end freaked me out. But I think perhaps my wife is right… I shouldn’t try to multi-task.

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