Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blog Blots

A friend of mine came into my office today; laughing and shaking his head. I asked him what was up, and he said that he had been reading some blogs and had discovered the service they provide to our society.

I, of course, asked him to enlighten me. He then told me that blog posts and the comments they generate serve as a pre-screening for people who are in serious need of psycho-therapy.

His belief was that most of the people who post and comment have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

What does this say about me?

Wanna comment?


Amber said...

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

(Blah blah blah blah blah)

Cheryl said...

I like to think that *most* bloggers are just very relational, secure people, with a healthy level of self esteem, who are willing to be open and transparent, with the goal of sharing,learning and growing in the process.

We can only pray for those nay- sayers,that they will one day come out of their denial, and see the light! ;)

Tracy said...

I think that it is just another way of seeking connectedness in the midst of our disconnected society.

Brad said...

For me...

Serious psycho-therapy - no. Maybe group therapy withour having to put your deodorant on...

As for having no idea. What's wrong with admiting that you have no ideas. What's wrong with showing the world that you have not found all the answers.

As for me and my blog, we will serve the LORD.