Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hindu Woman Describes a Worship Leader

An elderly hindu couple came to church today with a friend. Because of the language barrier, there was much they did not understand. But my friend told me afterwards that they were very moved by the worship time after the sermon. Speaking of the worship leader, the hindu woman said that "... his spirit became one with the Divine Spirit."

Humbled, and honored.


Dean Christensen said...

This might be the epitome of uncool... commenting on your own blog, but I've had a day to think about this, so here goes.

I've done a ton of worship leading over the years. As anyone who does this long finds out, there are weeks that are "on" and weeks that are not. I've also done a fair amount of teaching on worship leading in those years. One of the things I usually tell worship leaders is that they are not the main worship leader. The Spirit is.

So, it strikes me that receiving a comment like this on a week that felt "on" (based on a lot of ministry time after the worship - i.e. praying for people, helping people make sense of what God was saying to them, etc.) might just be an indicator of one of the things a worship leader might want to strive for.

Any thoughts?

Jo Ann said...

Hi Dean
Interesting and provocative. What can one say to all that Bono covered in his speech. All the people of this world, with all of their collective pain and poverty fall under the care of God. Bono of course can not stump for all of them, so he chose the land that has a history of great need. My part of that 1% goes to those organizations that fight the sexual explotation of children. From anywhere, period.
As for the rest I rely on prayer, for God knows what is necessary for this world.
I don't know what worship leaders strive for, but I can see that enlightenment in any form would be a wonderful thing for any spiritual leader to seek.
I wandered around your blog site tonight and think you have turned out to be a pretty terrific person, Dean.
Your son's blog is also interesting, he's very talented.
Well, I have to go...not that I'm busy or any such thing (I liked that blog also), it's just time. Jo Ann