Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bono - fied

I have a lot of friends who worship Bono. Really kinda bugs me. Bugs me like Amy Grant worship did in the 80's. Bugs me like Beatles worship bugged my father-in-law in the 60's. So many Christians look for any hint of spirituality in their heroes so they can justify worshiping them. Stupid. You like their music? Great. Listen to their music. But quit trying to convince me that they are the next Billy Graham.

Anyway, Bono's a great musician, hugely popular, and that gives him a platform. My opinion is that most famous people should shut up and sing, or shut up and act, or maybe just shut up. Too many times they go on and on about stuff they know nothing about, and because they sing good - people listen, and follow.

So, a friend sent me this link to a speach Bono did at a prayer breakfast at the Whitehouse. I thought... "O great, here we go again." Wow, was I wrong.

This is a great speach. I don't know who wrote it (probably not Bono) or if he even said everything that's in print here, but it doesn't matter. This blog entry isn't really about Bono. It's about being Christ in the world, and these are powerful words about that. Hope it gets you thinking like it did me.


MKinMotion said...

Here's a link to both audio and video of the speech. I'm pretty sure he writes his own stuff, but he does have a political briefer on his staff that keeps him up to date on things.

Dean Christensen said...

Even better! He's becoming an exception in my opinion. Thanks Matt.

Rich said...

Hey man, nice blog! I refuse to lurk. :)

I hear what you are saying. I think we all have gotten carried away at some point, putting something or someone on a pedestal... and maybe that is called "worshiping" it/them, and maybe not.

I mean, do you really think your friends are "worshiping" Bono? Or just look up to him, or like his music a lot, or like the fact that he is doing some good stuff with his fame, etc.?

I don't know, I can admit that I have gotten a little too excited at a U2 concert in my day... and had to check myself, but I wouldn't call it worship.

But if that does fit the definition of worship, then it seems to me that we are diminishing what it means to worship God. There has to be some difference there.

On a related note, what about all the Chris Tomlin and Crowder "worshipers" out there eh? That bugs me on a much higher level!

Rich said...
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Dean Christensen said...

Okay, yeah... bad choice of words.

I think what I really wanted to communicate was how impressed I was with this speach. I wasn't expecting to be either... I guess that's what made it cool.

Rich said...

Okay, word. Sorry I babbled about a bunch of stuff you weren't even talking about then!! haha! Yeah, pretty amazing speech.