Wednesday, August 06, 2008

East Meets West

My friend and long-time band mate, Mike Toney, turned me onto these guys. Not sure what to say except it's just really cool!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Christmas in July

Last week, I got to spend a couple days on the Wallowa River with an old friend. Mike is actually the one who taught me to fly fish.

In the evenings, we sat in the deafening silence on his deck (he lives in the woods) eating burgers and catching up - hoping to hear a wolf call or two (the wolves recently discovered in northeastern Oregon are not far from his place).

During the days, we floated the Wallowa River on our pontoon boats - casting to Wallowa Rainbow.

Christmas??? Well, my pontoon boat was a Christmas present from my wife. This was its maiden voyage. It performed swimmingly, and I was grateful for a wife who gave the gift of the boat - and the gift of a couple days to enjoy it.

Thanks Sweetie.